Welcome to Nichiei International!

Nichiei was established in 1970 as a trading firm, initially for the supply of communication network equipment to the Middle East. From the very beginning our business has involved working across borders.

We pride ourselves in:

  1. Being Global.
    We are at the forefront of international business with projects across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. We boast a multinational workforce perfectly suited to acting as a bridge between businesses in Japan and the rest of the world.

  2. Our Breadth of Experience.
    Our company carries out a wide variety of work such as laying international underwater cables, constructing and maintaining communication network foundations for foreign countries, planning corporate IP networks, coordinating the development of mobile systems, and other ICT fields.
    We also export high-quality Japanese products, including plant equipment, raw materials for public infrastructure projects and a range of consumer products.

  3. Our Commitment to Quality.
    Our highly trained staff are working in locations all around the world on projects often worth several billions of dollars. We dispatch skilled personnel to coordinate the overseas projects of major multinational companies where successful implementation is crucial and only the highest standards are demanded.


"To build and educate a group of professionals who can work effectively anywhere in the world"

Scope of Business

Areas of business that Nichiei is involved in include engineering, management, education and trade. We personally control and manage the processes crucial to planning and implementing our clients' projects.

  • Engineering
    We specialize in multiple engineering fields within communications and ICT, including international underwater cable construction and testing, construction and maintenance of national network infrastructures, and the planning and construction of corporate IP networks. The core driving force in each of our IP projects are our many engineers holding CCIE qualifications, the highest conferred by Cisco Systems.
    Through our HR services, we can also organize the dispatching of personnel for our client companies.

  • Management
    From planning through to the execution of projects, we have the human resources capable of managing business in any part of the world.
    Our services include establishing project offices and providing administration support through the dispatch of our experienced personnel to the client's place of business.

  • Education
    Our training work relies on experience garnered at the coalface of our projects. We do not focus simply on acquiring qualifications, but rather enabling people with the skills needed for actual practice in the workplace. For those who wish to become successful engineers, we offer several courses focusing primarily on ICT which is essential for the performance of international projects.

  • Trade
    We ship safe, high-quality Japanese products all over the world, from standard household products to raw materials and high-tech equipment for industry. Our aim is to contribute to Japan's unsurpassed reputation for excellence in manufacturing and design.


We are committed to diversity in all aspects of our business. We strive to create and foster a supportive environment in which all individuals can realize their maximum potential within the company, regardless of their differences.

We make the greatest effort to conduct our work flexibly and openmindedly, while maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our business practices and towards everyone we work with. We are an externally focused organization that always strives to improve our understanding of our customers and their needs.