Over the last 40 years, Nichiei has formed effective partnerships with companies in the international business arena and worked hard to help those companies reach their goals.

When you work with Nichiei, you have access to solid project management skills, technological expertise, and prompt, active and reliable service. We have become a trusted, strategic partner to our clients because our service revolves around the belief that every customer challenge is unique and demands a concentrated, customized, professional response.


  • International business support service

  • Japan
    • Opening or maintaining an office
    • Establishing contacts
    • Finding project managers, tech specialists, office staff, installing office equipment
    • Dealing with local business practices and customs
    • Budgeting, personnel expense reduction, management structure

  • Entry into other Asian markets
    • Establishing local factory offices
    • Hiring labor and management
    • Providing financial and taxation advice
    • Market research and feasibility studies
    • Developing comprehensive strategies for penetrating Asian markets


Project Management Nichiei can provide our clients with highly experienced personnel whose coordination and management skills are the key to project success. From project start up to successful completion, all project needs are addressed.
Engineering Service On both domestic and overseas projects, our clients can utilize our on-site technology specialists, all with language proficiency and negotiation skills as well as technical skills.
Training Service With the goal of acquiring all necessary knowledge, technical skills, and negotiation skills for project fulfillment, Nichiei supports both new and established employees on the front lines of international business with instructors and custom-made curriculums designed to optimize practical job knowledge.
Outsourcing Nichiei has the capacity to outsource staff that can, with their specialized technical knowledge, enable your company to dramatically reduce the time required to train personnel and make significant budget cuts, reducing your costs when entering new markets.


  • M&A, Joint Management, Licensing Agreements
  • Local Business Partner Selection
  • Local Office / Factory Establishment
  • Recruitment, Hiring and Management of Local Labor and Staff
  • Financial and Taxation Advice
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Advice on Local Business Practices and Customs