Our consulting service is composed of the following 4 steps

Our consulting service is composed of the following 4 steps

To facilitate effective meetings with promising partners, we will set up appointments with the most pertinent persons in the targeted companies, using our connections with Japanese government and major companies in various industrial sectors.

What makes Nichiei different

What distinguishes Nichiei International from other business consultancies in Japan is the fact that as well as having strong domestic connections, Nichiei also has extensive experience doing business and carrying out projects in regions across the globe. This means that Nichiei is explicitly aware of the differing business practices prevalent in respective countries. With the help of this knowledge, Nichiei can source the most suitable partners for your business.

Finally, when you work with Nichiei, you have access to second-to-none consulting and project management services providing prompt, active and reliable service. We have become a trusted, strategic partner to our clients because our service revolves around the belief that every customer challenge is unique and demands a concentrated, customized, professional response.