What is A system?

A-SYSTEM is " Emotion Analysis Software" developed from approximately 100,000 emotion analysis data. 61 items such as stress amount, aggression and charisma can be instantaneously quantified and it is possible to grasp the state of the target person.

By conducting analysis periodically, you can grasp changes in emotion,predict medical condition, find partners with matching wavelengths,and so on. That means that can use them for daily health observation.

Movie shooting Ľ AI analysis

Movie shooting is performed for 30 seconds with a fixed camera.

System analyze minute vibrations from images captured on the system and quantify emotions such as stress and aggression. Regarding the shooting environment, adjustment of light intensity and background etc. is necessary,so responsible staff will perform the initial setting at the beginning. This system can also analyze video data shot in advance. * Analysis result will be influenced by the light intensity, so we will guide you on the setting in case of sending image data.

Emotion Analysis Report

Based on the information obtained from the video analysis, an analysis result report is automatically created. You can see the status of the target current situation (such as whether the stress is not accumulated,the possibility of causing a trouble, etc.) in numerical values. Also, you can choose a personnel management report plan. We can offer comprehensive evaluation from the analysis result of the target person, and moreover we can attach special expert advice.


Based on the analysis results, we propose an optimal solution to improve the whole organization.

Since the solution varies from one organization to another, we will do a hearing carefully and customize it to achieve the best results.

Please note that some services will be difficult to provide due to our busy period.

How does the results look like?

How much does it cost?

Please request information for further details.

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