Business Consulting / Bridging Services for the Japanese Market

“Offering the chance for foreign companies to utilize Nichiei International’s broad network base and expertise to realize business success in the Japanese market.”

Bridge to Japan

Even after Commodore Perry forced Japan to open its doors to international trade in the 1850’s, Japan has remained an inherently difficult “nut to crack” for foreign businesses.

Barriers to doing business in Japan are extensive and range from having to deal with obscure cultural protocols to blatant protectionism of locally manufactured goods.

As of late, other Asian economic powers have developed economically to usurp Japan of its number 1 position in many business sectors and opportunities for foreign companies have become even harder to come by.

With the right support however, the Japanese market still holds significant potential for overseas companies with quality products or services. Nichiei International is perfectly positioned to provide this support with globally experienced, multilingual, multinational staff available to advise and guide you through the entire process.

Since its establishment in 1970, Nichiei International has done business in a broad range of industries, working with numerous Japanese governmental organizations, major corporations, as well as small to mid-sized enterprises. Through this, it has formed strong relationships with a diverse range of companies. Across various industrial sectors, Nichiei has the connections and ability to help any company, regardless of whatever it is looking to sell or offer in Japan.